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Network Security Services:
Getting Started

The well-being of your average business depends heavily on the abilities to keep some information confidential and keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Achieving this involves network security awareness as it pertains to:

  • Preventing attacks with firewalls, anti-virus software, etc.
  • Scanning for viruses & vulnerabilities regularly
  • Removing viruses properly upon infection
  • Monitoring the activity of all users
  • Measuring error rate and latency

In the event of a malicious attack, it is imperative that your system is positioned to dependably identify the source of the problem and undergo a relatively painless recovery.

Who Can I Trust For Network Security?

If network security is a concern of yours and the business you operate is located in Virginia near Roanoke, Blacksburg, Richmond or Alexandria then you can count on Automation Business Technologies for your network as well as any other technical support such as VoIP systems, and cloud computing solutions.

With over 30 years of combined experience, we’re able to accurately analyze your security situation and provide resolve in a timely manner.

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“CuliQuip has been a client of ABT since 2008. We have been completely satisfied with all of the solutions and customer service that ABT has provided. The network, hardware and software that we were utilizing before we hired ABT was antiquated and not able to handle the work load of our business.

Through the recommendations that were made and integrated over the last two years we have been able to streamline our work flows and business processes. We are now able to work more efficiently and is saving money as a result of the work ABT has performed.

No matter what we throw at ABT they always come back with a timely and cost effective solution. I’d recommend anyone in need of any type of information technology assistance to use ABT for anything from basic networking needs to more complex network infrastructure overhauls.”

Bobby Bowden

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What clients are saying

“Automation Business Tech’ network support has been a great resource for our company. The technical knowledge, response time and quality of work are second to none. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing network support of Microsoft servers, Exchange servers, Cisco routers, workstations and network/infrastructure design.”

Keith Smart
VFP, Inc.

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    The infrastructure is the foundation of every network.
  • Applications
    Applications overlay the infrastructure, allowing it to operate in a smooth and efficient manner.
  • Automate & Manage
    One of the hardest things for IT staff is finding enough hours in the day to do everything that needs done.