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In this article, you’ll learn a little bit about network infrastructure design, management, and security, as well as related software. You’ll also find links to other resources with more in-depth information.

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Network Infrastructure: What is it?

The phrase network infrastructure, or network architecture, refers to the design of a communications system, including:

The Importance of Network Design

Before a network can be created, it has to be properly designed to ensure that you get the best performance possible from your network. An efficient, well-designed network can save you both time and money.

Having a network designed by a professional network design service will ensure that your network will be designed to meet your needs.

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Security: How to Protect your Network Infrastructure

A network needs to be protected from a variety of threats, such as environmental disasters, the accidental deletion of files, and hackers and viruses. We take these steps to protect our cloud computing network infrastructures too!

There are numerous ways a network can be protected, such as:

  • Backup Files. Backup files of important information ensure that nothing necessary is completely lost, even if it accidentally gets deleted.
  • Firewall Protection. A firewall can block unnecessary and potentially harmful applications.
  • Router Protection. Router protection applications can detect and block attacks on the network.

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Practicing Proper Network Management

Network management refers to methods, procedures, and tools used to maintain a network. It’s often a good idea to trust your network management to a professional network management service.

Network management services can:

  • Configure the network to support specific applications and services.
  • Monitor your network to ensure that it is running smoothly and spot potential problems before those problems affect the network.
  • Perform necessary repairs and upgrades to the network.

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The Hardware: Network Cables and Switches

The three main types of networking cables are:

  • Twisted-pair cables. Twisted-pair cables are easy to install, inexpensive, and readily available.
  • Fiber optic cables. Fiber optic cables can support higher bandwidths and handle thousands of times more data than other types of cable.

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A network switch is a small piece of hardware which joins several computers together on the same network. It also processes and routes data from one computer to another.

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Software: Integrating Active Directory and Windows 2008

Active Directory is software which allows you to manage your network. Integrating Active Directory with Windows 2008 allows you to configure your application, system, and user settings, as well as store directory data and manage communication between users and domains.

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Network Infrastructure, Design, Installation & Management: What’s Next?

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