Cloud Computing and Hosted Services

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Hosted Services: Made Possible Through Cloud Computing

Hosted services are services which exist on the internet infrastructure and are accessed through email, instant messaging, and websites.

Hosted services are supported by cloud computing. “Cloud” is used as a metaphor for the internet, and pertains to any application which exists on a virtual server online.

A cloud or hosted service can be made public or private, so that only specific users have access to the service.

What Can I Do With Cloud Computing and Hosted Services?

Hosted services can:

  • Increase efficiency by enabling your business to focus more on growth and other objectives than applications and services.
  • Maximize the flexibility of applications, making them more widely and readily available to a larger number of users.

Cloud Computing & Hosted Services: What’s Next?

If you want to stay on the cutting edge of technology, take advantage of incorporating hosted services and cloud computing into your network.

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