Advanced Business Network Cables

One of the most fundamental building blocks of your business computer network is the series of network cables that connect the various component parts together. These come in a number of different varieties, each with advantages and disadvantages. It is important when planning your business network to keep this in mind and plan the best cables for your particular situation.

Automation Business Technologies is here to help your business with designing and management services for your network. We can help with every step of the process from designing to implementing to managing your business computer communication system. Below we present some information on computer cables, which is the fundamental messenger system that strings your network together.

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The Function of Computer Network Cables

Any network needs to communicate quickly and efficiently to a large number of other machines and servers. The most practical way to do so is with hardware cables that can bend and move through the office space safely. There are three basic kinds of cables that are used in business computer networks.

Different kinds of Cables

There are three basic types of cables that are the industry standard for all networks:

  • Category 5 (Cat5) Cables—are the most common cables used in most office buildings. Cat5 cable has 4 twisted pairs of wires in a single cable jacket. The use of these balanced lines helps keep a high signal-to-noise ratio even though it may encounter interference from both external sources and other pairs (known as crosstalk). Ultimately without getting needlessly technical, a Cat5 cable combines flexibility with signal efficiency.
  • Optical Cables—are thin clear tubes that transmit signals through light. Permits higher bandwidth at longer distances. Only necessary in larger scale, but possibly the fasted, most efficient manner of computer networking for your large business.
  • 100BaseVG—VG (voice grade) Ethernet, initially as Fast Ethernet, now standardized by the IEEE as 100VG-AnyLAN, is a newer technology manner of cable transmission.

Who Can I Trust With Network Design?

Automation Business Tech is the industry leader in designing, implementing, and managing your business network and communication technology problems. We offer solutions to all businesses across all industries, so your system can handle every computer and communication issues that could come up. We allow you to do what you do best, and take the frustrating IT network problems out of your hand, leaving you with peace of mind.
Whether hardware like cables, or design and managerial solutions, we strive to provide insight and instruction that will ensure your new network can support your business and communication needs for many years to come—letting you expand without fraying your computer infrastructure.

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