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BPOS Streamlines IT solutions

Microsoft Business Productivity Online Services is an effective software suite that helps expand and encourage the idea of green computing due to its online software capabilities. It works similar to Software as a Service (SaaS), but is offers better security and more reliability than SaaS due to its constant support from Microsoft.

BPOS offers a number of administrative features for your network within the following features:

Microsoft Exchange

Server solutions presented by MS Exchange allow for ease of management of your company’s network. While allowing you to configure server settings, manage storage and organize the data on your servers, Exchange also allows easy transferring of data across servers to ensure optimal efficiency in your organization.

With all communication unified under a single environment through Microsoft Business Productivity Online Services, MS Exchange streamlines communication to allow your company to focus on its other goals.

Microsoft SharePoint

With SharePoint’s administrative tools, your organization will be able to easily design security policies for your company’s network and monitor the health and performance of sites and servers.

Server activity can also be monitored to more effectively enforce policies and ensure that your company’s network is being used to its optimal efficiency.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting

With MS Office Live Meeting, hosted web conferencing has been made easier. Off Live Meeting allows your company to engage in meetings and training events in real time through the inclusion of features like desktop sharing and whiteboard tools, webcam capabilities and multi-party Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) audio.

Microsoft Office Communication

Through BPOS, MS Office communication offers next generation communication with features like PC-to-PC audio, video calling and instant messaging. Users can interact with each other quickly and efficiently over your company’s network.

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