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Looking for Microsoft business services and support in near Roanoke, Blacksburg, Lynchburg or Richmond? Are you feeling nervous or frustrated with your company’s current computer network or IT infrastructure? Do you think your there may be security threats or money-saving opportunities that you’re not aware of?

Automation Business Technologies is the premier Microsoft solution provider in Roanoke, , with expertise in their most current product solutions. ABT’s knowledge benefits our clientele through consulting and solutions that not only work but exceed expectations.

ABT has two Microsoft Certified IT Professionals on staff to consult with and direct our clients to a successful implementation or resolution. Though our specialty is Microsoft products, ABT can provide integration with a variety of solutions.

Learn more about us or just contact us and let us help you accomplish your business IT goals.

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Technology and Science News – ABC News

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Technology and the fight against terrorism

Violent extremists like ISIS meet in the open on Facebook or Twitter. Then they take the conversation private, using technology called encryption to encode their messages. It’s called “going dark.” And it’s one of the most alarming concerns facing police and counter-terrorism officials worldwide right now. They worry they can’t prevent the next terrorist attack … Continue reading Technology and the fight against terrorism

Technology is helping Verizon ride out one of its biggest strikes ever

Tens of thousands of Verizon union workers walked off their jobs. Here’s why these workers went on strike and what it means for customers. (Claritza Jimenez/The Washington Post) Verizon’s worker strike is about to enter its second week as tens of thousands of employees, outragedaboutthe telecom giant’sefforts to outsource jobs and redeploy labor from one … Continue reading Technology is helping Verizon ride out one of its biggest strikes ever

These are the key elements of every network:

  • Design
  • Maintain
  • Troubleshoot