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Looking for Microsoft business services and support in near Roanoke, Blacksburg, Lynchburg or Richmond? Are you feeling nervous or frustrated with your company’s current computer network or IT infrastructure? Do you think your there may be security threats or money-saving opportunities that you’re not aware of?

Automation Business Technologies is the premier Microsoft solution provider in Roanoke, , with expertise in their most current product solutions. ABT’s knowledge benefits our clientele through consulting and solutions that not only work but exceed expectations.

ABT has two Microsoft Certified IT Professionals on staff to consult with and direct our clients to a successful implementation or resolution. Though our specialty is Microsoft products, ABT can provide integration with a variety of solutions.

Learn more about us or just contact us and let us help you accomplish your business IT goals.

Our Latest News

VERSABALL® Robot Gripper Challenges Beer Pong Champions at CES 2015

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Attendees at International CES in Las Vegas, January 6-9, will encounter a new industrial robotic gripper archetype as Empire Robotics demonstrates the precision, gentle touch, and safe human interaction of its VERSABALL gripper by competing with any attendee up for the challenge at a game of beer pong, culminating in a competition between … Continue reading “VERSABALL® Robot Gripper Challenges Beer Pong Champions at CES 2015”

Robotics News & Articles – IEEE Spectrum

Robotics News & Articles – IEEE Spectrum Latest Soft Robot Hugs Your Heart to Keep It Pumping 18 Jan Deep Learning AI for NASA Powers Earth Robots 17 Jan Video Friday: Drone Aerodynamics, … Continue reading “Robotics News & Articles – IEEE Spectrum”

Industrial development in Africa – CNN Video

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